Have you ever struggled with wondering if you're enough? I know for me, I used to wrestle with those types of thoughts DAILY. Thoughts like, do my friends really like me? How can I make sure they keep liking me? Am I funny enough? Pretty enough? Gosh, it was exhausting y’all!

Then one late night while I was in college, one of my best friends decided to speak life into me. It was the most beautiful and unforced thing in the world. Right then and there, she just started talking about a love so powerful–– a love that sees me as holy and pure. It changed my life forever.

I know how big of an impact this had on my life, and so I really wanted to think of a way I could provide others with the opportunity to speak into the lives of the people they love and care about… and that’s how Good Day Club was born! All of our products are meant to be a vehicle that leads you into powerful, life-giving conversations with others, and leave a beautiful impact on their lives and yours 🥳

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- Good Day Club founder